Transitional Living Program

We offer a Transitional Living Program for homeless single women ages 18-25 and their children who need supportive housing assistance.                                                                                                     



Job Readiness


We help our clients identify their interests, skills and abilities.  This is the first step toward finding a job.  We then work with them to develop the skills needed to find  and keep a job.  This includes:

*  How to write a resume

*  Online Job Search

*  Mock Interviews

*  Workplace Ethics

*  And More .....


Financial Literacy

We provide our clients with knowledge that will lead them toward wise decision making in the area of their finances.  We help them understand our money works and how to manage their own personal finances through:

*  Budget Creation

*  Establishing Savings and Checking Accounts

*  Financial Planning

*  And More....




We put our clients on the path to personal fulfillment. We each have a purpose for being here and finding that purpose is very important. Using workshops and  activities, we help them understand passion and purpose.  We reveal attitudes that move you toward or prevent you from finding your purpose.  We focus on the necessity of trusting something greater than yourself.