India Mission Project 2020

Did you know:

India widows loses their identity after the death of their husband.

A widow is expected to manifest inconsolable grief for the rest of her life. She is not allowed to marry ever again.

Did you know/or: Can you imagine losing your parents as a child and becoming orphans of India.

A new study by an international charity for orphaned and abandoned children found that India is home to 20 million orphans, a figure projected to increase by 2021.

 A new study by an international children’s charity has found that 4 per cent (or 20 million) of India’s child population are orphans. Most of these children have been abandoned by their parents. In fact, the charity estimates that only 0.3 per cent of these orphans are children whose parents have actually died.

 Poverty has been a significant contributor in high number orphan children. An estimated 41 per cent of India’s population is below the age of 18, the largest child population in the world. Poor social status has left these children with little or no help.

The Widows of India are not much better than the orphans. Losing a husband in India forces many women into a life of begging and destitution, and despite the country's development little is being done to change things. Widows in India, they cease to exist by other family members and society. The widows of India are losing their identity and self-worth.

What we do as an organization and how we are helping to solve the problem?

We are currently investing and supporting India Widows and Orphan children in Darjeeling, West Bengal. We are addressing the challenges of poverty and homelessness by focusing on hunger relief, bringing awareness and education.

Where are we going? Our goal for 2020 is to serve 80 widows and 30 orphans of India with basic every day needs, food, shoes, awareness and knowledge of simple life skills. This will empower these women and children to be more effective in their interactions with others and more knowledgeable of basic life skills. This will also produce more confidence in presenting a strong and positive image of themselves. Providing Hope of a better future.

What will it cost? Our budget to accomplish these goals is $40,000. We would like to raise $40,000.00 with the help of our partners, board members, individual donors, social media fundraiser, investors and ministry foundations by November 1, 2019 to support 80 widows and 30 orphans for the year.  Also, another $20,00 for Mission teams to travel to India serving as missionaries providing educational seminars (Traveling Abroad), travel tips and newsletter, administrative supplies for orientation and other equipment.

We Need Your Help: Would you please invest /support our India Project

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                                                            a widow for 1yr. @ $15.00 mo. / $180.00 yr.  

                                                            a widow for 1yr. @ 25.00 mo. / $300.00 yr.            

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