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Where are we going? Our goal for 2020 is to serve 80 widows and 30 orphans of India with basic every day needs, food, shoes, awareness and knowledge of simple life skills. This will empower these women and children to be more effective in their interactions with others and more knowledgeable of basic life skills. This will also produce more confidence in presenting a strong and positive image of themselves. Providing Hope of a better future.

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a child for 1 yr. @$10.00 mo. / $120.00 yr.

a child for 1yr. @$15.00 mo. / $180.00 yr.

a widow for 1yr. @ $15.00 mo. / $180.00 yr.

a widow for 1yr. @ 25.00 mo. / $300.00 yr.

Donate to FLV Missions: $5.00 - $5,000.00

Thank you for helping us to impact lives.

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Baby Donation

Our Quarterly Baby Drive is an opportunity for you to give back, support and donate for a wonderful cause. We are asking for donations for our homeless babies and their families. You may not think that babies are born homeless, in fact they are. We need your HELP. #Homelessness #Babies #Family #GIVE

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